kirsten irving

poet, editor & voice actor

Kirsten Irving is a poet, editor and voice actor based in London. She co-runs Sidekick Books with Jon Stone, and has edited more than ten anthologies. Her own work has been widely anthologised, published by Happenstance and Salt, and thrown out of a helicopter. She loves crows, robots and crowbots.

Never Never Never Come Back
(Salt, 2012, 2018)

Never Never Never Come Back is a deep dive through cartoons, combat, desperation and debris. Pinball tables become emotional debris fields, while fantastical monsters dance with real-world tyrants. Hurtling and clattering, this eclectic collection is a disaster-seeking missile.

Never Never Never Come Back is an entirely idiosyncratic first collection, marrying portraits of gawky, unruly outcasts with forms that are both wonky and beautifully controlled.” – Matt Haigh

“Lean, needle-sharp, questing, intelligent and tuned to human vulnerability. She can strip sexual longing down to its exposed nerves.” – D.A. Prince, Sphinx


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